Monday, May 30, 2011

June Feature Artists - Katherine Wheeler & Abby Seymour

I first came across the Goldenink collaboration between Katherine Wheeler & Abby Seymour at Gaffa Gallery in Sydney. Their collaborative exhibition was a perfect marriage between ceramics, illustration, printing, jewellery and paper. Beautifully executed pieces and an playful sense of style - I wasn't surprised this Melbourne duo's work has been so well received!

I couldn't resist purchasing one of their pieces from the exhibition - the silver and ceramic long neckpiece has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since! I look forward to seeing what these talented women create for the exhibition in Gulgong.

This collaborative duo have some amazing studio spaces they work in together and independantly...

Katherine Wheeler
Born: Castlemaine, Victoria
Live: Ascot Vale, Melbourne
A favourite place: Remote beaches, anywhere.
A place you would like to spend more time: North Queensland coast
A place in the world you would like to visit: India

For more info on the Goldenink Collaborative, Abby or Katherine:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Feature Artist - Matina Bourmas

I first met Matina at Sydney College of the Arts, during our undergraduate studies. She always had an eye for detail and I respected the time and patience she spent working on her pieces. She was beginning to work on some ephemeral, site specific work with icing sugar - that I responded to immediately. (Please see the article below by Vivian Spadaro which was published in the JMGA-NSW Newsletter for more information). I look forward to exhibiting a small collection of Matina's delicate jewellery pieces in September.

Born: Adelaide, Australia
Live: Sydney, Australia
Favourite Place: Braidwood, NSW & Port Willunga, SA
A Place you would like to spend more time in: Gothenborg & Athens
A Place in the world you would like to visit: Chicago

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wishful thinking....

I wish I had a studio like...

Abby Seymour, all that space and gorgeous printing equipment!

Liana Kabel - love the colour, the order and the light streaming in

Or perhaps...

Phoebe Miller - devine wall of colour coded fabrics, clean surfaces and space.

Katherine Wheeler's - intriugingly productive space!

I think I have a mild case of studio envy...
My porn pink walls may get that much needed paint job - sooner rather than later!!(the walls haven't been painted since I moved in back in 2001!) And the dream of a big backyard shed - well that may be for my next life - unless I move to the country!

May feature artist - Graeme Bannerman

One of the first times I ever encountered Graeme Bannerman’s work was at his solo exhibition ‘Rent’ at Gallery 19 in Sydney’s Chinatown. He basically moved into the gallery space: bed, dining table, chairs, sofa, motorbike (off-street parking), a blow up pool and a collection of his favourite artworks and produced site-specific works drawn directly on the wall. Bruce James (art critic) called his exhibition a ‘dereliction’ and praised Greame’s parody of the sky high prices artists pay to exhibit their work and the declining artist-run-spaces in Sydney at the time (1997). Greame works with ceramics, photo-media, sculpture and installation. When Graeme is not making art, furniture, riding his motorbike, renovating his terrace or walking his dog, he is a Senior Art Teacher at Waverley College, specialising in ceramics and visual arts. I am pleased to bring Graeme’s ceramic installation to Cudgegong Gallery.

Graeme Bannerman
Born: Darlinghurst
Live: Darlinghurst
A favourite place: A cave in the clifftop at Thompson’s Bay
A place you would like to spend more time: The bath
A place in the world you would like to visit: Kazikstan and Trenchtown, Jamacia.

Unlike most people these days, Graeme refuses to have a credit card, a mobile phone or a facebook page. (Its quite refreshing!)