Thursday, September 22, 2011

More pics from the opening...

Things have been a bit hectic since I returned from Gulgong....but thought I should share a few more pics of the opening and of the beautiful work created for Cudgegong Gallery.

Installation shot with Phoebe Miller's textile work in the foreground and Isobel Pegrum's Spoiled for Choice ceramic work to the right.

Chloe Waddell's intricately, layered pieces - New York, New York.

Laura McKellar's gorgeous hand embroidered artwork.

Kat Freene's Butterfly brooches.

Sophie Milne's subtle ceramic collections.

My overly-friendly dog Roxy couldn't wait to run into the gallery and meet everyone! Thankfully Matina and Isobel's family distracted roxy in a nearby park for a while.

Kim V Goldsmith took a snap of artists (from left to right) Matina Bourmas, (curator) Zara Collins, Graeme Bannerman, Isobel Pegrum and her son Gus.
We are standing amoungst Phoebe Miller's beautiful fabric necklaces hung from the gallery ceiling.

Interviews with Graeme Bannerman & Zara Collins

Where is the art? has featured Places & Spaces exhibition this month, including two interviews conducted by Kim V Goldsmith with artist Graeme Bannerman & curator Zara Collins.
Graeme's interview is particuarly good.
Have a listen...

Where is the Art? is an online service provided by OCHRE COMMUNICATIONS

Many thanks Kim, keep up the good work!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Places & Spaces exhibition opening

It was a beautiful spring day with the smell of wattle and blossoms in the air....

About 30-40 guests attended the combined opening reception of Places & Spaces exhibition and the Tablelands exhibition. It was a lovely afternoon spent with a few of the artists who travelled from Sydney including Graeme Bannerman, Matina Bourmas, Isobel Pegrum & Chloe Waddell - my sincere gratitude to the artists, friends and colleagues who made the treck out to Gulgong. Much appreciated!

Graeme Bannerman, drink in hand - standing near Sophie Milne's ceramic work & Laura McKellar's hand embroidered piece behind.

Never one for public speaking (stomach in knots)...I made a short, sharp and shiny welcoming speech.

Kim Goldsmith, artist, marketing/publicity extraordinaire and the 'brains' behind WITA -Where is the Art? website for Regional NSW arts, conducted an interview with Graeme Bannerman and I. Frank from the Wellington Times took a bevvy of photos of artists, guests and artworks.

Support crew!

A big thanks again to Graeme Bannerman, Matina Bourmas, Isobel Pegrum & family, Chloe Waddell & friends for making it to the opening & being a part of the show. A special thanks to Liz, Scott, Luke & Helen for coming out to Mudgee and sharing wine, yummy local produce and stories around the fire.

All roads lead to Mudgee...

I always enjoy leaving Sydney and hitting the road, I couldn't wait to get back to the Mudgee Region after my first time there in autumn 2010 on an artist-in-residency.

With the help of the Cudgegong Gallery Team – the set up was smooth and without incident! All artworks arrived in time with no breakages. Cudgegong Gallery is a beautiful heritage building with pristine white washed walls and light floor boards –such a bright and airy space! What a wonderful blank canvas to work with!

Phoebe Miller's neckpieces hanging above

Mudgee Guardian popped in to the gallery for a quick interview and a random photoshoot in front of numerous historic buildings in Gulgong. We also got a plug on ABC radio on Wednesday 30 August. Look out for future blogs featuring media and links to interviews.

Graeme Bannerman's Spannerotozoa installation above

John, Jayne, Brooke & Sue were amazing during the install – so helpful! I appreciate all of the support and favours granted! I couldn’t have done it without all of your dedication.

I would also like to thank John’s sister Margaret for generously allowing me to stay at her amazing stone farm house halfway between Gulgong and Mudgee – gorgeous views, clean air and quiet was a superb way to wind down after a day of installing.

Unpacking the artworks is just like unwrapping xmas presents! So exciting…

Hot off the press - the Goldenink duo sent us a wonderful collection of new jewellery designs, small objects and vessels.