Wednesday, August 31, 2011

George Plionis - feature artist

I first met George when we were both working at Object Gallery/Object Store when the Australian Centre for Craft & Design was located at Customs House, Circular Quay. George is well loved for his generous personality and great sense of humour! He is also one of Australia's most talented jewellery designers, with tight technical skills and inventive ideas coming together seamlessly in his contemporary pieces.

I am thrilled to bring George's organic, tactile wearable series 'Beneath the Sea' to Cudgegong Gallery.

George Plinonis
Born: Streaky Bay, SA
Live: Sydney, NSW
A favourite place: I have memories of my child hood, growing up on the 'The Great Australian Bight'. The terrain was untouched and raw, cliff faces that met the waters edge, white sands that would stretch as far as the eye could see, the vegetation, resilient and the environment, harsh and uncompromising. These memories bind me to Australia and the ocean.
A place you would like to spend more time: My partner is from Finland. I've been lucky enough to have visited once but really need to get back to visit more. I would love to experience the white blanket of winter, go north to visit 'the northern lights' and see the extreme of that country's weather.
A place in the world you would like to visit: My culture has sprung from Greece. As an adolescent I was never really interested in my history. As I've become older, the history of my family has become more and more important to me. I'd love to visit my 'mother land' meet my family and hear the stories that have been the reason my parents have become the people they are.

To see more of George’s design work please visit his re-developed website:

Sophie Milne - September Feature Artist

Sophie Milne's work has a delicate sensibility and sensuousness - hand thrown porcelain, hand coloured porcelain and careful inlaying on the vessel surface. Her new work for the Places & Spaces exhibition, features the most beautiful hues of blue; subtle yet bright and joyous. Her second collection of bottles and beakers in creamy, beige tones with bleached inlaid lines are exquisite.

I am pleased to present her new collection at Cudgegong Gallery - where Sophie has exhibited previously and is a firm favourite with the gallery team.

Sophie Milne
Born: Melbourne
Lives: Melbourne
Favourite Place: home
A place you would like to spend more time: my studio
A place in the world you would like to visit: Yesterday I was thinking about Croatia, today Russia looks intriguing, tomorrow - well I'd be happy to go anywhere really.

For more information on Sophie's work please visit:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Isobel Pegrum - Feature Artist

The first time I ever saw Isobel’s work was at Gallery 19 in Sydney’s Chinatown. She was working with de-contructed photographic images and voyeuristic photos of high density apartment living in her ‘ever-changing’ neighbourhood of Coogee.

She is an artist that enjoys the challenge of new materials and ideas – she has recently embarked on a journey with ceramics and the tactile handmade object. She juggles family life (two gorgeous children) and completing her Bachelor of Teaching, Sydney University earlier this year.

I look forward to exhibiting Isobel’s ceramic pieces in Places & Spaces and seeing the development of this cute and tactile work.

Isobel Pegrum
Born: Canberra, ACT
Live: Marrickville, Sydney
A favourite place: The breakfast table
A place you would like to spend more time: In the sea
A place in the world you would like to visit: Lake Eyre

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chloe Waddell - Feature Artist

Chloe Waddell was managing Breathing Colours Gallery in Sydney's Balmain when we first met. After years of creative committment and hard work she decided to leave Breathing Colours to concentrate on her own work.

She has just returned from whirlwind travels all over the globe. I am excited to see Chloe's work move in a different direction and am thrilled to exhibit her new wall works and brooches inspired by one of the most exciting cities in the world New York!

Chloe Waddell
Born: Dubbo, Australia
Live: Leichhardt, Sydney, Australia
A favourite place: my backyard
A place you would like to spend more time: The Greek Islands
A place in the world you would like to visit: Tasmania

For more information on Chloe's work please check out the link below:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feature Artist - Kate Dunn

In 2002 Kate Dunn and I both travelled to Chicago for SOFA (sculpture objects and functional art exposition) where we were both exhibiting new work with Australian galleries. We had met in Sydney before but developed our friendship during our short but hectic time in the windy city. Days were spent at SOFA and nights were spent socialising with international artists, curators and gallery owners - and of course listening to Chicago blues!

Kate is currently working towards her Masters of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, where she is also a casual lecturer in the Ceramics Studio.

I look forward to presenting her new work at Cudgegong Gallery in September.

Kate Dunn
Born:Sydney, Australia
Live: Sydney, Australia
A favourite place: my back deck
A place you would like to spend more time: my studio
A place in the world you would like to visit: Barcelona!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Carlie Morris - feature artist

Carlie Morris is like a bower bird collecting bits and pieces to incorporate into her jewellery designs. Combining found tit-bits, silver and a good dose of flair she creates gorgeous wearables. Carlie studied at Enmore Design Centre and continues to juggle her jewellery practice and two young children.

Carlie has created a collection of wooden brooches which will be exhibited at Cudgegong Gallery, I look forward to presenting her new work in Places & Spaces.

Carlie Morris
Born: Sydney
Live: Sydney
A favourite place: my favourite place is in the water, preferably a natural source, and even more preferably with my two boys climbing over me and my dog nearby chasing the splashes.

A place you would like to spend more time: see above, a close second would be New York City.

A place in the world you would like to visit: Oh the world is such a big place! I think Denmark might please all at the moment, all that marimekko and lego.