Monday, May 16, 2011

May feature artist - Graeme Bannerman

One of the first times I ever encountered Graeme Bannerman’s work was at his solo exhibition ‘Rent’ at Gallery 19 in Sydney’s Chinatown. He basically moved into the gallery space: bed, dining table, chairs, sofa, motorbike (off-street parking), a blow up pool and a collection of his favourite artworks and produced site-specific works drawn directly on the wall. Bruce James (art critic) called his exhibition a ‘dereliction’ and praised Greame’s parody of the sky high prices artists pay to exhibit their work and the declining artist-run-spaces in Sydney at the time (1997). Greame works with ceramics, photo-media, sculpture and installation. When Graeme is not making art, furniture, riding his motorbike, renovating his terrace or walking his dog, he is a Senior Art Teacher at Waverley College, specialising in ceramics and visual arts. I am pleased to bring Graeme’s ceramic installation to Cudgegong Gallery.

Graeme Bannerman
Born: Darlinghurst
Live: Darlinghurst
A favourite place: A cave in the clifftop at Thompson’s Bay
A place you would like to spend more time: The bath
A place in the world you would like to visit: Kazikstan and Trenchtown, Jamacia.

Unlike most people these days, Graeme refuses to have a credit card, a mobile phone or a facebook page. (Its quite refreshing!)

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